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My name is Emily Hancock. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve as Principal for the first year of Cannon County Middle School and Cannon County Elementary. I have been an educator for Cannon County Schools for the past 15 years. Prior to becoming principal, I served as a first-grade teacher, Title I teacher, testing coordinator, assistant principal, and principal at Woodbury Grammar. I am a lifelong resident of Cannon County and graduated from Boyd Christian High School. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree in Instructional Leadership, and Educational Specialist Degree in Reading Leadership from Tennessee Technological University.  
No matter what my role has been, I have poured my heart out into changing lives. High expectations for students' academics, behavior, and perception of themselves have been an overarching goal. Seeking to provide opportunities to maximize every child's hidden potential and open the windows of opportunities is why the fire continues to burn to make a difference. We must love to teach and to reach children in order to impact their lives in a positive way.  Students have voices that need to be heard, parents have concerns and contributions that must be valued, teachers are professionals who should be supported and appreciated, and leaders must serve the needs of all in order for education to happen! I believe in the power of TEAM! We cannot do it alone. I welcome the parents, the community, and the students to be a part of our TEAM!